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Professional Photographer since 1998

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To order photos or other services, please email me at:
ddpphotos@aol.com or call: 570-317-5818

If using email to order, include "Photo Order" or similar in the subject line.
Indicate the month, day, size and "DDP" number of the photos
(each individual photo has a unique number) that you would like to purchase, as well as the quantity and size of each photo.

For example: "Selinsgrove Speedway, July 6, DDP0701, 8x10 x4"

Available Sizes and Prices:

4x6 - $1.00
5x7 - $3.00
8x10 - $6.00
Super High Gloss 8x10 - $10.00
11x14 - $12.00
20x30 Poster - $60.00
Other Sizes Available Upon Request

Accepted Forms of Payment:
Money Order (Post Office)

Secure, online payment through our website
will be implemented in the near future!

Other services/items available upon request:

Senior Photos
Professional Photo Shoots
Graphic Design
Family Portraits
Video Slideshows
...and much more!